Convert EUR to USD | Euro to Dollar Currency Calculator

The very first step of the Euro to USD conversion which is required in order to convert euro currency to dollar currency is that firstly the decision is to be made how much currency is to be converted or is needed to convert. The second step involves in order to recognize the exchange rate of the currency for the present current day. In order to use the calculator of the conversion, the websites of conversion like the Unit Conversion can also be visited in order to get the calculation done.

Euro to Dollar Currency Calculator 

Euro to Dollar Currency

The third step is that one has to enter the euro amount which is actually to be converted in the U.S dollars. In order to wait for the final result of the conversion, the person in charge needs to wait for few seconds so that the required conversion is done and is displayed in the correct way on a popup box which is being displayed. In order to get the exchange one does need to visit the bank which is local or the exchange center of currencies where such works will be done very easily and no such difficulties will be faced regarding this in the further process.

Euro to Dollar History

The Euro to USD dollar Today is all about the conversion of this euro to dollar is what we say about the number or amount of dollars the euro is supposed to convert or is able to convert. This is actually done by the euro/dollar exchange rates which play a very crucial part in this field. Very flexible exchange rate dollars to euro are being undertaken by the euro department. Various rates of exchanges are done on a daily basis which does change too on a daily basis. In the exchange market of the foreign department, this is actually being taken place and is being traded.

Coming to the importance of the euro, it has got three basic importance which is also being described here in details. At the very first note, the rate of interest is the one most valuable bench mark of the European central bank and now coming on the second thing is that the debt is being actually taken from the countries like Greece which are considered as the individual countries as an account from the investors. The third and the last value of the euro is that the amount of strength it holds and the economy of it holds on a daily routine.


In order to increase the value or not, the forex traders do give a thought on this based on the factors which are given above. Whenever the rates of interest are rising or when the values are rising, that is the actual time when the traders basically decide the time of rise or fall of the value. Also by the market of the forex, the value of the euro is to be determined. At any such moments or any particular moment, the complex of such rise and low does predict the value or the price of the respective currency.

Euro to Dollar Chart

The Euro to Dollar Chart tells us that from the year 2000 till the year 2002, the trade which did happen in these two consecutive years was a narrow one as compared. Only for the purpose of transactions, the euro was being used at that moment of time till the year 2002. From the year 2002 till the year 2008, there was a rise for about 6 % for the demand of the euro in these years. Also during the same year, the debt of the United States did grow by a 60 percent of the total share. The strength of euro has been showed in the year 2008 after all the remarkable recessions and all have been held. Also, in the year 2009, with a very strong and good position and rank, the euro has been started.

In the year 2010, the euro did fall back with a percentage of about 17 against the dollars of the United States. Because of the United States Debt Crisis, the dollars have been abandoned. By a percentage of about 1.5 on the other side, the rate of interest has been increased by the ECB. This means that any person if they are saving money in euros, then the actual rates of the bank are to be increased. The Greece debt crisis did come up again when the United States debt crisis was finally resolved. In the year 2012, the euro’s worsening case is being visible. Also, the condition of the Greece debt crisis did worsen during the year of 2012. What happened is that the government was actually made static.

100 dollars

In the year 2013, the euro did strengthen by the 1st of the month February. In the month of the March, the economy of the euro did fall a bit. Coming to the year of 2014, the euro did strengthen itself by the 7th of the month May. Due to the crisis of the Ukraine, the euro did start to fall again but then it finally remained on hold on the 4th of the month September. The euro did fall by the percentage of 1 when the easing of the quantitative has been announced by the chair of the ECB who is Mario Draghi. Again in the year of 2015, the euro did fall due to the announcement made by the ECB which stated that 60 billion bonds are to be started in the month of March.

1 EUR to USD is 1.23 Us Dollars, is the main fact which is to be known. Also, Interest rates were to be lowered is what is being said by the ECB in the year 2015 on the 10th of the month November. In order to cover up all the debts which are bad and foul, there is this rise in the 16 billion by the banks of the Greece. In return this was actually a bad pressure on the investors of the euro. In the month of December, the euro funds were raised again. Euro has also been considered to be one dollar according to various predicts and reports.

Of more than about twenty currencies, the name dollar is being assigned to. The states like the United States, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, new Zealand, Liberia, Jamaica and also Namibia. In the year 1970, the sign of the dollar has been first being attested. Names of such territories that do use dollar are: Anguilla that does use the east Caribbean dollar, Netherlands that does use the US dollar, the british indian ocean territory which does use the United States Dollars. The Canadian dollar is being used by Denmark.

The British Virgin Islands does use the dollars of the United States. Montserrat does uses he dollars of the eastern Caribbean. United States dollars is being used by the people of Netherlands. The Canadian dollar along with the euro is what the people of the Saint Pierre and Miquelon uses. The people of the Sint Eustatius and the turks and the caicos islands does uses the United States dollars.

euro dollar exchange

In the year 1999, the euro has been introduced and the main objective or motto or goal of the European Union is Euro. And since the year 1960 euro has been the goal too. In the year 2002, the notes and respective coins particularly did start to get circulated all over the areas. On the island of the French, the first and the native coins and the currencies were valid. For about one kilo gram of lychees, the currencies and the coins were used in regard to that. In order to exchange currencies during that time, a central bank was being opened regarding this purpose so that people were able to exchange coins and currencies. The sudden coming of the euro was also being noticed and observed by the people of the other countries. In Germany, there was no exchange happening with all the coins and the currencies.

The member state or the candidate who did join euro zone are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdoms and Slovenia.

From the year 1975 till the year 1979, in the communities of Europe, the European account was actually used as an account of unit. By the unit of the European currency, this was basically being replaced. Several currencies of European does make the EUA. In order to write the currency, the countries of Europe does include a comma instead of a full stop which is being used actually. On the 16th of the month December in the year 1995, this euro has actually been adopted in Madrid. The euro system too manages the euro. In the printing of the notes, in the notes and coin distribution, the euro system is being engaged in to all these activities. On the basis of joint, the national central banks and the ECB have printed and given bank notes of euro.

The best thing about the euro is that from the particular bank from which they are adopted or they are being issued they never make it visible or never display it as per the rules and the regulations. The notes of the bank which are being given by the euro system’s eight percentage is the value which is being issued or given by the ECB. The national central banks do circulate the notes of the bank which are being provided by the ECB’s. Into 100 proper cents, the euro is being classified in to. The euro is also known as the euro cents at most of the times.

After the usage of the United States dollars, euro is the one which is being known as the reserved currency. In the year 1999, the share was about 18 percentage of the euro cents while in the year 2008, the percentage was about 27 which gradually did increase in the coming years. On the other hand, there was a decline in the United States dollars case, the percentage was about 71 percentage which fell to 64 percentage and also from 6.4 to 3.3 percentage in Yen. Also being a currency which is being reserved, the euro is said to be or is considered to be underweight. In the economies which re advanced there are about 21 % of the shares of euro which are being there while in the countries which are developed or developing or which are emerging, the share of euro is about 31 %.

Many reporters and economists also did explain on why the euro is supposed to become the international reserve currency. In the year 2007, the euro did remove the United States dollars from the position of the reserved currency and itself became the currency of reserve. The demand for the euro reserved currency has gradually declined since the year 2007. In order to get rid of the currency which is being exchanged is the main goal or main motto of getting a currency which is single. The various and the different types in prices is another one reason which is considered as the main effect of the currency of the European. Inflation is what was being seen in people’s lives before the invention of the euro. Because of the less amount of flexibility it holds and also because of the regulation of its style, the euro did face criticism or has actually faced criticism. S

Coming to the study of the year 2009, there was a percentage of rate which has been increased by 5 percentage to 10 percentage in trade in that particular zone itself. Another advantage of this euro is that it did enhance the number of tourists and also the amount of tourism which did flourish further. On the integration of the financial of the Europeans, the euro has actually left a very strong impact which is remarkable. Various Assets of various banking is also being reduced by this introduction of euro in the Eurozone. There was also an increase for about 5 % in the physical investments in the area of the Eurozone when the euro has been introduced.

Euro to Dollar trends

First let’s take a quick glance on the euro currency and the dollar currency.

Euro Currency

There are currency codes for every currency in order to convert euro in dollar. Likewise Euro also has a currency code and that code is : EUR. There is a region named as euro zone which comprises of 17 countries or nations of Europe and this currency is used in over three hundred and twenty million odd Europeans. There are over one hundred and seventy five million currencies that are attached or related to Europe. Some of the examples are : the Danish krona or the DKK and also the West African CFA Franc or the XOF. The economies in the world vary from country to country and same happens in the Euro zone. Germany has the highest economy among the euro zone countries and hence it is a leading world exporter. Various countries like Iceland and Greece have been part of large amount of debt and hence face the severe wrath of the governments. The main central bank for these countries is The European central bank.

US Currency

The currency of the largest economy country of the world, the United States of America uses this currency. The currency code for this currency is : USD. The USD or the US dollars is also called as buck or green back and is by default considered the global currency of the world. Most of the commodities that are sold all over the world use the US dollar like gold and oil. The United States of America has the largest economy in the world. There are a large number of developing countries or nations that are coming up and thus America faces problems from these countries and for this reason America has been consistently in large trade differences with these countries.

Now coming back to the topic for finding the trends of euro and dollar these days, the current exchange rate of EUR to USD is equal to 1.2226 dollars per 1 euro. Today’s range was from 1.2225 to 1.2300 and compared with yesterday’s rate of 1.2240 this shows a deficit or decline of 0.11%. The change for today was -0.0014.

Let’s see the changes in the euro to US dollars for tomorrow and the upcoming weeks.

Euro to US Dollar rates

The Euro to Dollar forecast as on Monday that is 22nd of January would be: there will be estimated euro to US dollar rates exchange of 1.2203 Dollars, the maximum shall go till 1.2386 and the minimum till 1.2020.

The EUR to USD forecast for Tuesday, January 23rd is : the exchange rate might be about 1.2279 Dollars, with the maximum at 1.2463, and the minimum at 1.2095. The forecast of Euro to Dollar for Wednesday, 24th January will be with an estimated exchange rate at 1.2190 Dollars, and the maximum being at 1.2373, with the minimum at 1.2007. The forecast for Thursday, January, 25 for EUR to USD is : there is a chance that the exchange rate will be 1.2184 Dollars, and the maximum might touch 1.2367, with the minimum going below to 1.2001. Euro to Dollar forecast estimated for Friday, January, 26 is with an exchange rate of 1.2246 Dollars, and the maximum shall be 1.2430 and minimum at 1.2062.

In the coming one weekthe EUR to USD forecast for Monday that 29th of January has been predicted to be with an exchange rate 1.2417 Dollars, and the maximum being tipped to be at 1.2603while the minimum has been tipped for 1.2231 dollars. For Tuesday that is 30th of January , the Euro to Dollar forecast might be having an exchange rate of 1.2505 Dollars, and might have the maximum at 1.2693 Dollars , and the minimum being 1.2317 Dollars. The EUR to USD forecast on Wednesday, that is January, 31: is expected to have an exchange rate of 1.2520 Dollars, maximum 1.2708 Dollars, and the minimum tipped for 1.2332 Dollars.

For Thursday, dated February 1st , the Euro to Dollar forecast is stated to have an exchange rate of 1.2488 Dollars, and the maximum might stop at 1.2675 dollars, and the minimum might stop at 1.2301 Dollars.

The EUR to USD forecast for Friday dated February, 2nd is predicted to be with an exchange rate of 1.2424 Dollars, and having the maximum as 1.2610 Dollars, and minimum the 1.2238 Dollars.

Euro to dollar Ratio

In next two weeks 

The Euro to Dollar forecast predicted for Monday 5th of February has been set with an exchange rate and euro to dollar ratio being 1.2379 Dollars, and also the maximum at 1.2565 Dollars, and the minimum at 1.2193 dollars.

The EUR to USD forecast for Tuesday 6th of February has been predicted with an exchange rate of 1.2442 Dollars, and the maximum being 1.2629 dollars, while minimum being predicted as 1.2255 Dollars.

For 7th of February that is Wednesday, the Euro to Dollar forecast is being given at exchange rate of 1.2395 Dollars while the maximum is being predicted to be around 1.2581 Dollars and the minimum at 1.2209.

EUR to USD forecast on Thursday, February, 8 will be in most cases exchange rate 1.2458 Dollars, and the maximum 1.2645 dollars, while the minimum 1.2271 dollars. Euro to Dollar forecast for Friday, February, 9 is expect to have an exchange rate of 1.2458 Dollars, and the maximum 1.2645, while the minimum 1.2271.

In 3 weeks 

The EUR to USD forecast on Monday, February, 12:

The exchange rate 1.2563 Dollars,

Maximum = 1.2751

Minimum = 1.2375

Euro to Dollar forecast on Tuesday, February, 13:

The exchange rate of 1.2563 Dollars,

Maximum = 1.2751

Minimum = 1.2375.

The EUR to USD forecast on Wednesday, February, 14:

The exchange rate expected to be at 1.2563 Dollars,

Maximum = 1.2751

Minimum = 1.2375.

The Euro to Dollar forecast for Thursday that is February the 15th:

The exchange rate of 1.2563 Dollars,

Maximum = 1.2751

Minimum = 1.2375

For the EURO to USD forecast on Friday, February, 16:

The exchange rate might be at 1.2563 Dollars,

Maximum = 1.2751

Minimum = 1.2375

In 4 weeks 

The Euro to Dollar forecast as predicted for Monday, February, 19th:

The exchange rate of 1.2563 Dollars,

Maximum = 1.2751

Minimum = 1.2375

The Euro to US Dollar forecast made for 20th February

The exchange rate can be at 1.2563 Dollars,

Maximum = 1.2751

Minimum = 1.2375

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