Currency conversions near me: First Impressions: 24 Hours with the Garmin Forerunner 945 After 8 Months with Apple Watch Series 4

I am looking into a watch for my husband (who hates wearing watches and only does so to track his running but is open to trying something new). I assumed the Apple watch would work best since we have iPhones and he won’t carry it when he is running. However he does want to track his speed per mile and elevations when he is running. Is there no way to do this via the Apple watch? Either a different exercise app you can download or something? I use MapMyRun on my phone when I exercise but as I said he won’t carry his phone when running. I appreciate the feedback. I feel like he might wear it all the time if I get him the apple watch versus just for exercise with an exercise only watch (which would make it a very expensive purchase per use).

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