Currency conversions near me: JP Thieriot (YC 91), CEO of Uphold, Leading Digital Money Platform

In his case, he’s also Argentine, he’s roughly my age, and he constantly alludes to the fact that in a culture very, very different from American culture, you don’t come out of the womb assuming that the bedrock, or the base pair for everything is your home currency. Americans unquestioningly relate everything to the US dollar. When you grow up in a place like Argentina, you realize you don’t have that illusion. Currencies are relative to one another, and if you live in a place like Argentina, then you have to figure out how to work around the shortcoming of whatever currency you had the misfortune of being your local currency. What that meant as a kid was that your grandfather would give you 100 Argentine pesos to buy a magazine or a plastic toy, and if you didn’t buy those within a couple of hours, your bank note would no longer cover the costs. So, that’s one big component of my interest.

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