Currency rate calculator formula: Podcast | NSE Invest O Cast episode 20: Factoring risks and rewards while investing

Lovaii Navlakhi: So this is great that you know when I started my business short term meant 1 to 2 months you are now saying short term means 1 to 2 years and it is very very good positive movement that India has taken but  typically what you need to do is have the ability to breakdown your investments into different buckets or put in the buckets which require liquidity saying that this is my money that I need in any point in time, so there my clear objective is liquidity and they are not really looking at great returns but the ability to draw out money whenever I need it. Then I have another bucket which is just helping me to beat inflation so there I am investing in products which will give me a good rate of return over inflation but after taxation. And then there is a third bucket which I am looking at where I am looking at getting wealth for myself or making sure that there will be a period of time where my rate of return on those fixed income Investments could be below rate of inflation a and at that stage I would want to sort of dip into the bucket where I have created wealth and use that money. So you need to sort of breakdown this so if you are looking at investing for a long term goal which is far far away and you invest in equities and you put it on a graph it will look pretty smooth. It will probably be sloping upwards but it won’t be very sort of jag it but as soon as I take a magnifying glass and look at the shorter term sort of investment horizons there I will see a lot of movement in that equity up and down. So it is just because the markets are up for 3 days in a row or 5 days in a row that doesn’t mean that if I have money for one day I will put it in the market but the past track record that is the type of returns. So I think it is very important to breakdown the goals from the time horizon point of view and therefore match your investment product accordingly.

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