Euro to dollar today in lebanon: Growing Link between Lebanon’s Cancer Surge and EU Abetted Corruption

The ‘market place’ of corruption now has grown too big and too powerful and, in hand with politicians, is now wetting its lips as it eyes $300 million dollar incinerators which it wants the EU to buy, as part of a perverse cycle of funneling money into a black hole, which itself, grows exponentially, in a country breaking records for its environmental degradation; an ocean completely polluted because of sewage pumped into it, following failed EU wastewater plants, competing with a dozen recycling and compost schemes which are poisoning groundwater (used by farmers for their crops) while municipalities burn waste at night releasing toxins into the air. And now incinerators, which will bring in millions for the elite’s coffers (and their militias) is now the new focus, despite the byproduct (ash) which has to be put into landfills know to be toxic. If the EU failed, as our investigation revealed to even conduct the simplest water tests in the region of Miniyeh, before it signed off the financing, then can we expect it to care about the horrific implications of incinerators? Will the argument be from the Lebanese government that “the groundwater was already polluted 100 times beyond what is anywhere near to safe by compost which was toxic, so what difference will toxic ash from the incinerators make?”

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