Euro to inr on 10 may 2018: Edited Transcript of SOUTHBANK.NSE earnings conference call or presentation 10-May-19 5:00am GMT

Yes. That is true. One of the things that we are doing, what we are doing is, I mean the only portfolio which has been giving us some trouble, seriously, was the INR 100 crores in the loan portfolio that has been — it’s really sustained the first at bringing down the individual portions. Now I am not exactly saying that this is the average ticket size. It’s exactly correct. But I will not comment on that at the moment. What I can tell you is the 12 accounts, if you see there, we have exposures as we get INR 300 crores, INR 400 crores in 7 cases, or slightly more than that in some cases, where we have been able to bring it down to more than 50% of that or, I mean, maybe closer to INR 150 crores today. So that has been sustained, that is going on in terms of reducing this portion in these accounts. That is there, that is going on very regularly. And that is also helping us quite a lot. And the more important thing is what we can see is that over the last year and also if you take several years back also, this portfolio has not been growing significantly. In fact, actually, there are retailers coming in. We are just about filling in that portion. Maybe diversifying into another account in the same sector. That kind of thing. But otherwise, we are not giving money to the same people quite a lot. That is what we have been trying to do in that sector number-wise, we will once again check and tell you the exact position.

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