Euro to inr on 1st may 2018: Edited Transcript of EICHERMOT.NSE earnings conference call or presentation 10-May-19 10:59am GMT

Yes. The Twins, like I said, have got a very strong pull in the market, it has extremely on reception. And in context, there has been the sales of — and I’m talking about India first. The sales of motorcycle above 500cc class or above INR 2.5 lakhs till Royal Enfield entered that segment were perhaps 100, 120 a month. Since we’ve entered, they’re doing nearly 2,000 we should be doing in a month or more. So we’ve really expanded that segment and forward already. The segment of about 500cc or above INR 2.5 lakhs. So there’s some huge impact I think, from an industry perspective and it’s very early days because as you see in the automotive industry, (inaudible) is seen as successful and it’s done well to a certain point. And even more people, so the — even more people are following. So we believe that more and more and more people who are interested in upgrading the motorcycle will see the Twins as a very interesting proposition. So we’re extremely hopeful of the Twins going into a very strong franchise over the course of the next few years. In the meanwhile, our production rate has gone up to, I think, around — it should be around 4,000, 3,500 last month, give or take, and increasing to 5,000 in July. So that’s the overall Twins production. Currently, nearly half of that is being exported and the rest is for the Indian market and — but after — beyond the point, it’ll of course, be based on demand, based on orders and the different markets. But right now, it’s around 50-50 for international and Indian markets, which is a very high proportion going into international market as well right now. So order book — the wait — waiting that in India is about 4 months right now for the Twins.

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