Euro truck simulator 2 map dlc: First off-screen shots of MudRunner 2 reveals key new details

Finally, the last shot gives us a look at the world map. Zooming in on the text confirms that locations in the USA will once again be represented in  MudRunner 2 , as this specific map shown in the screenshot is actually in the state of Michigan. It appears that the maps will also more formal names, as this one in the shot is called “Smithville Dam”. In previous entries, some maps would simply be called things like “Island”, so this adds some more character as was first introduced in the  American Wilds DLC for the original MudRunner . As for the map itself, it’s easy to see that it’s now in full color rather than a black-and-white render. It also seems to be more detailed by showing a full 3D overhead view of the surroundings. Undiscovered areas are still obscured in black, however. Looking at the top left and top right, you’ll notice it says “Work for Old Sweat”; this is likely the name of the current mission that’s being played. The description mentions that “a local farmer is looking for a qualified driver for a (???) assignment.” The rest is too pixelated for me to further transcribe, but this does at least show that specific missions are making a return, and it seems like they’re being more fleshed out to include something more than just tasks related to logging.

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