Euro truck simulator 3 pc: Objects in Space will make your space trucker fantasy come true

It all comes back to the spaceship, the thing that marks the player out, that gives them the freedom to roam the stars and see the bigger picture. To make that ship even more real, there are blueprints on the website players can use to fabricate their own controller setup. Think custom Kerbal Space Program controllers , as an example. If you don’t want to use mouse and keyboard you can construct your own consoles, pick up some Arduino microcontrollers and model a mini engineering deck on your desk. At conventions the Harris siblings demonstrate their own setup, complete with toggles and switches just like spaceships on TV. “I remember being really delighted first seeing peoples’ eyes light up when they’d walk past us at a show floor, seeing all the blinking lights, rumbling sounds and alarms going off,” says Elissa.  

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