Money for nothing bbc show: Dark Money review – a child abuse drama that is slight but horribly real

The new BBC One drama Dark Money – by Levi David Addai, who wrote the award-winning 2016 drama Damilola, Our Beloved Boy – debuted hours after a court in the US charged the billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein with sex-trafficking dozens of underage girls. The news followed reporting by the press of alleged abuse, a decade of lawsuits by people claiming to be victims, investigations by local and federal authorities and a non-prosecution deal struck in Florida in 2008, by which Epstein pleaded guilty to state charges, spent 13 months in jail, paid settlements to victims and was registered as a sex offender. If you think that is not similar enough to Dark Money’s tale of a Hollywood producer who abuses the child star of his latest film – well, it is a four-part drama. Who knows what psychic TV we will have to choose from a month from now?

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