Money for nothing lyrics and chords: Mark Knopfler @ Wolf Trap Filene Center, Vienna, VA

Knopfler shared a particularly heartfelt anecdote about his own wayward travels as a lead-in to “Matchstick Men,” the final song on his latest album. Knopfler, now seated on a stool, related hitchhiking to Greece as a young man and returning to his native England in what, he hoped, would be enough time to get back to his home in Newcastle to join his parents for Christmas. However, on Christmas Eve he found himself in Penzance, in the far, far southwest of Brittania, with 500 miles to make up before the holiday bells. He said he hitchhiked as far north as he could with a trucker, who dropped him near his home on Christmas, but without another car in sight (“not a truck, not a car, not a rabbit,” as he said, to laughter), he surveyed what he called 360 degrees’ worth of snowy English countryside—in possession of his guitar and not much else.

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