Money for nothing movie soundtrack: ‘Captain Marvel’: From the soundtrack to Nick Fury’s suits, does it get the ’90s right?

“Captain America,” for instance, has the clothes, the speak and the austere color key we’ve come to associate with its time. “Captain Marvel,” however, lacks the equivalents: Carol Danvers may don a shirt with the iconic Nine Inch Nails logo, but why aren’t SHIELD Agents Fury and Coulson wearing the billowing suits and garishly patterned ties of the day? It’s also strange that those agents didn’t encounter the government paranoia fed by everything from “The X-Files” to Waco. In fact, I don’t recall any ’90s vernacular in the script, and in 1995, it was pretty damn hard to get through a conversation without at least one catchphrase from “Beavis and Butthead” or Hartman-era “Saturday Night Live.” And when it comes to cinematography, maybe Boden and Fleck could have sampled the color saturation in the music videos of Hype Williams and Floria Sigismondi? Or the dirty textures of the latter and early David Fincher?

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