Money for nothing movie trailer: Eddie Murphy is a karate-chopping sex machine in Dolemite Is My Name trailer

Eddie isn’t the only big movie star in the film, as you also have Wesley Snipes. How much did you enjoy getting to put those two legends together? [After this interview, the news came that Snipes would reunite with Brewer and Murphy for Coming 2 America .] If you would have told me 10 years ago that Eddie Murphy and Wesley Snipes is comedy gold together, I wouldn’t have believed you. But now, seeing them share a frame together, I can’t unsee it, I can’t unfeel it. It’s amazing, it’s electric, and it’s something I’ve always wanted but just didn’t know it. [ Laughs ] When Eddie and I were discussing who should play D’Urville Martin, every single actor in Hollywood wanted to be in this movie — it’s the same thing that’s happening on Coming 2 America . To know that there’s a movie where you can work with Eddie Murphy, it’s like ringing the dinner bell in Hollywood; everybody is like, “I’m there, what do you need?” I remember Eddie and I having this conversation and saying, “Eddie, D’Urville has got to match you, not just in talent, but this has to be an actor of stature and force that is worthy of you.” He goes, “What about Wesley?” And once he said, “What about Wesley,” it’s like I couldn’t see anybody else. So I met with Wesley and we had this fantastic dinner, and I came out of that like, “I can’t believe I’m going to be working with Eddie Murphy and Wesley Snipes.” It’s like a dream come true. But he’s amazing in it. It’s this performance where you remember, “Oh yeah, Wesley used to be this guy that we would be entertained by outside of slicing zombies in half.” Suddenly I was like, “Oh yeah, Mo’ Better Blues . Oh yeah, White Men Can’t Jump . Oh yeah, Major League .” He was an absolute joy to work with.

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