Money heist netflix review: 5 Under-the-Radar Cannes Films You Need to See

In something of a banner year for Cannes, the 2019 festival has welcomed both its first black woman director into the main competition ( Mati Diop , who presented her narrative feature-film debut, Atlantics ) and its first film starring a trans woman of color, Port Authority . The latter comes from first-time director Danielle Lessovitz (with support from executive producer Martin Scorsese ) and is led by the alluring actress and model Leyna Bloom as Wye, a black voguer , and the English actor Fionn Whitehead as Paul, the cis white drifter who falls in love with her. Taking the gritty Harlem ballroom scene as its backdrop, Port Authority thrives on the propulsive energy of its sprawling cast, the majority of whom had never acted before. “Many of our actors come from underprivileged backgrounds and have been homeless at various points in their lives, often as a result of being ostracized by their families for being queer,” reads the GoFundMe page that ultimately helped to finance their airfare to Cannes. “The kiki scene is where they find family and acceptance. These young people have breathed such life into the film, and we want to make sure they are able to come to France to celebrate their achievement at the Cannes Festival.” Happily for them (and for us!), it worked out, and Port Authority screened to rave reviews. Fin .

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