Money heist season 3: La Casa de Papel Season 3 – Netflix Trailer, Release Date, Cast

The thieves, of course, have become central to the show, and each of them have the following codenames: Tokyo ( Úrsula Corberó ), Moscow ( Paco Tous ), Denver ( Jaime Lorente Lopez ), Berlin ( Pedro Alonso ), Nairobi ( Alba Flores ), Rio ( Miguel Herrán ), Helsinki ( Darko Peric ), and Oslo (Roberto Garcia Ruiz). Some of the thieves die. And in addition, fans have fallen under the spell of two other main characters—Raquel ( Itziar Ituño ), the head hostage negotiator assigned to figuring out who the thieves are, and Monica ( Esther Acebo ), one of the hostages who— spoiler alert —ends up leaving with the thieves for reasons we will get into a little later.

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