Money lyrics pink floyd youtube: HT Brunch Cover Story: Why Prateek Kuhad is the King of Heartbreak among millennials in India and a…

Listening to a Prateek Kuhad song is like sipping hot chocolate while curled up next to a crackling fireplace on a cold winter night, staring wistfully into the void. His music is twice removed from world of mumble rap, trap metal and crunkcore, but that is probably why he has become a favourite with a generation facing the Millennial burnout. The 29-year-old indie folk singer/songwriter who won the ‘Best Indian Act’ trophy at MTV’s Europe Music Awards (EMA) Awards in 2017, made his debut in 2013 and has been building a loyal fan base ever since with a YouTube channel of 1.5 lakh subscribers. He has created his own space in the independent music scene and is just at home at sold-out music festivals as at cosy house gigs.

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