Money money money lyrics trump: ‘Knife to the Heart’: The Deep Empathy Behind Chris Orrick’s Witty, Working-Class Hip-Hop

The track "What Happens Next?" from Orrick's 2018 album, Portraits , is typical of this approach. Though the song is about Orrick, it's written not from his perspective, but in the words of people who interact with him, like the guy he buys alcohol from at the liquor store. In one verse, he raps from the perspective of an acquaintance who's watching Orrick help his father on the truck: "I heard he's almost 30 / And still working for his dad / Because the music isn't working." It's like Orrick found one of those haters and decided to give them a guest spot on the album. And what the hater sees is someone working. Orrick may be a musician, but he's still slogging through his day job—just like the people who listen to his music, and those who have never heard of him.

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