Moneygram walmart phone number: MoneyGram International Inc (MGI) Q2 2019 Earnings Call Transcript

So I’d say it’s working. It’s having an intended effect obviously, added some headwinds to our return to revenue growth, but I think it’s absolutely the right thing to do. And we see the consumers respond to it. I think it just gives you all the confidence in the world that your brand is relevant and your product is relevant. I think that goes in complete contrast with a lot of people have tried to portray MoneyGram as in the last 18 months. And as we’ve said, the changes that we’ve made in the business have been deliberate. We’ve done them to ourselves and we’ve done them for the right reasons, and I think to then go out and reposition the product, even if that includes some repricing is driving consumers back to brand and I think that’s just tremendously exciting. And I think on top of that, I’ll just add that it is a competitive market and there are a lot of services out there and we have to differentiate, we have to make product look different and be different is better for our customers. So we’re doing that and I think the results of that are going to push us back into position of strength and growth in the coming months.

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