Music lyrics money pink floyd: 17 Essential Songs In 7/4

“Because of the mood of the time, it seemed to be a great idea to do that song,” said George Harrison about “All You Need Is Love,” performed during the first live, global satellite program ever, broadcast while the world was recovering from the Six-Day War in the Middle East and navigating in the morass of Vietnam. “We thought, Well, we’ll just sing ‘all you need is love,’ because it’s a kind of subtle bit of PR for God, basically.” It remains one of popular music’s most universal, indelible sentiments, but “All You Need Is Love” was delivered in a quite unorthodox presentation: Though the chorus is like a campfire tune (“All together now!” “Everybody!”), the verses bulge with the tripping-over-your-feet gait of 7. Just weeks after the release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band , the world’s biggest rock band represented Britain on Our World , the first global telecast. The BBC reportedly told the Fab Four to keep their new song simple enough for a watching world. While they certainly heeded their advice on the iconic chorus, the Beatles and producer George Martin made sure the baroque packaging was anything but simple — a 13-member orchestra, snatches of Bach and Glenn Miller and a unique arrangement with measures of 7 in each verse. Elvis Costello called it a “Northern English folk song” when he performed it at Live Aid, but ended up straightening out to a more manageable 4/4 more suited to an arena sing-along.

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