No money lyrics clean: Future ‘SAVE ME’ EP 1 Listen Review

So far, Save Me is a melodic journey that isn’t striking, but it absorbs listeners into the atmosphere. This is a very specific world. Oh, Future sampled Ciara’s “Promise.” I'll assume he cleared this sample. Imagine if your former lover sampled one of your biggest records without your knowledge? On the flip side, that keeps money in the family. Get that pub, Cici. I don’t love these drums, but musically, the song is a vibe. The mix sounds, odd. I can’t put my finger on it. Future's vocals usually sit on top of the beat, but here, he sounds underneath. This is HNDRXX . He’s singing his promethazine heart out. "Shotgun" is like the romantic sequel to the first half of " Throwaway ."

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