Usd to lkr in year 2016: The Island

For example, the government has authorized China to build a 400 MW gas power plant along with a terminal to import liquified natural gas (LNG) at Hambantota Port for supplying power to the proposed industrial zone built there for Chinese investors. The power generated is fed to a transmission line owned by CEB as required by law in the country for supplying power to the industrial zone. But there was no public tender process to acquire this power plant and it was left entirely in the hands of the Chinese party though the output of the plant has to be compatible with the CEB’s transmission system. For offers by foreign governments, the Act only waives the tender requirement, but does not exempt it from maintaining standards. Neither the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) nor the Attorney General (AG) (who apparently had disallowed installation of solar panels permitted by the Sustainable Energy Authority without tender process) had remained silent on this issue. Why do the authorities, be it the CEB or the Ministry or the NPC apply different standards for these two cases?

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